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Most Wanted

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Sons Of Anarchy

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War Unkrowns

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Latin Family

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27 Jul 2014 -
Blessing issue has been resolved where some players could...
Blessing issue has been resolved where some players could randomly lose items while they had blessing. Thanks for your cooperation while reporting this issue.
25 Jul 2014 -
The wait is over, just few hours and your journey on...
The wait is over, just few hours and your journey on lands will start, prepare yourself and your guild as well, let's make it an epic start day by hitting a new players record!
23 Jul 2014 -
Make sure to like our Facebook Fanpage, we will be giving...
Make sure to like our Facebook Fanpage, we will be giving codes that you may exchange for donation items on the website. You will find a tab on the right of your screen to like the page.
22 Jul 2014 -
Welcome to RealMap Server 8.6 - is a...
Welcome to RealMap Server 8.6 - is a unique real map edition with tons of real tibia quests and custom features, we will be glad if you joined us with your friends to make this OT enjoyable!
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28 July, 2014 - Monster Rampage - Join the Challenge!
reeting's Lusian-OTS Players,

We are delighted to invite you to join our unique upcoming event Monster Rampage Event, into this event you will face a new bunch of unique monsters and a well developed reward system and of course a decent loots. Your participation at killing the boss will guarantee that you will receive a reward, there's no "last hitting - most damage dealer" loot mechanism at the event.

When will the event start?
The event will take a place on 30 July 20:00 CEST.

Where it will take place?
It will be handled into a custom area (non PvP).

How can i join the event?
Once the event started, a broadcast message will appear to you in game and you will need to type !rampage to join the event!

See you at the Monster Rampage Event!
GM Lusian
Posted by GM Lusian

Comments: 5

22 July, 2014 - - Start 25.07.2014

Server Will Start In


The Official Server START will take place on 25 July 2014 16:00 CET.

Welcome to Lusian-OTS,

Today we are glad to announce the official start of, one of the best realmap editions for tibia 8.6, the server basically is hybrid between all the real Tibia features and quests such as WOE - POI - Children or Revolution - Zao with it's npc's and quests in addition of Custom features such as Bosses, VIP island, Custom Quests.

Server info:


  • IP:
  • Client: 8.60
  • Port: 7171

[Server Info]

  • Exp Rate starts at 3000x.
  • Loot Rate 5x.
  • Skill Rate 35x.
  • Magic Rate 20x.


  • Alot of Quests and infinity challenge.
  • 100% Full RealMap Server.
  • Wrath of the Emperor (starts at mission 6).
  • Unnatural Selection Quest.
  • Children of the Revolution Quest (you need this quest to start Wrath).
  • Tomes of Knowledge Quest.
  • Zao and Razachai.
  • Houses At all Cities are Working 100%.
  • Active Support Team in game.
  • Balanced Vocations.


  • Bomberman Event.
  • Capture The Flag Event.
  • Guild War Event.

[Advance Rewards]

  • Level 200 20 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 300 25 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 350 25 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 400 25 Free Premium Points.
  • Level 500 40 Free Premium Points

This is your chance to play a unique and brand new realmap server with your guild mates, join us today and we promise you to offer the best gaming context you looking for.
Lusian-OTS Staff.

Posted by GM Lusian

Comments: 15

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